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Hello, my name is Rachel Coats (I just got married) and I’m here to share a little bit about myself.

I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer on Friday 13 September 2013- I was 26. I was diagnosed at a secondary stage – it had spread to my right hip bone and my spine as well as the primary tumour in my left breast. For those that don’t know – Secondary cancer is incurable – but treatable.

I struggled after chemo ended. A lot of people have that ‘GREAT I’m DONE’ moment but I didn’t. I kept going – my motto is – I could go out and get hit by a bus, but I don’t wake up every day thinking that – so just get on with it!

My mum was then called for a routine mammogram in 2015. She went on to get that and her best friend was called the same day – so they chatted about it over coffee – basically saying the odds are now at that – 1 in 2 people are affected.

We celebrated her 60th birthday in April with a family party – and then she sat us down the next day to tell us the news shed been given. They had found cancerous cells and She was to get a lumpectomy and some nodes removed. Once they did that – they wanted to be 100% sure and so they gave her radiotherapy and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I believe what she had been through with myself meant that she had the strength to get through it like the trooper she is – and is doing great.

That October, Adam (my husband) and I trekked the great wall of china – an amazing thing I would have never have done before my diagnosis. Fast forward to the next April (2016) I couldn’t forget about the fact I had been having headaches, and had asked previously, and everything seemed normal, my coordination – bloods were fine etc.

After these headaches not shifting for a good week or so, I woke up, went into the shower and vomited… this wasn’t normal and I was taken to hospital. I was scanned and the doctor confirmed that the breast cancer had moved into my brain. I was immediately put on steroids and fitted for a mask to get radiotherapy on my head, and I lost my hair again.

I got through that and was a bridesmaid in Dubai in November. Fast forward to my hen in June 2017 in Vegas, I was dizzy coming back and during that so, I was told I was getting brain surgery in July to cut the tumour out just 10 weeks before my wedding in Cyprus! It sadly grew back so I had a further brain operation in January 2018.

I started a blog and I don’t let things out with my control get me down. My nail tech – Kim- encouraged me to enter this! So, I have!


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